Self Storage Benefits are in abundance. There are many businesses that offer access to self storage facilities these days, as this has become a popular solution amongst those looking to store items. Self Storage Units in Cape Town such as these are used by both individuals and businesses for a variety of different reasons. With self storage, you can benefit from an affordable means of storing both big and small items.

What Are The Benefits of Self Storage?

You keep the key

Since you get to keep the key, you have access to your goods at all times. When you put your items into self storage, you have access to your belongings around the clock.


At Cambuc Properties we proved a very secure compound which encloses your storage unit. We have 24/7 security monitoring as well as high rise electric fences and impenetrable walls. With our facility you get to benefit from safety and security to your self storage units.

Affordable Solution

Cambuc Properties offers an affordable self storage solution to any person or business looking for a safe place to store items. The cost of storage will depend on the size of the unit you require. However, no matter what your needs you will find that it is a far more affordable storage method than most other options.

Reduce Household Clutter

You’ll make your home much more livable. Clearing out unused items like bicycles, tools, surfboards, motorbikes, old clothes, helps to open up some space in your home. With this new uncluttered space, you may find that you have new opportunities to redecorate and enjoy your home even more!

Boat Storage

With the high prices of mooring your boat in the harbor, why not rent a self storage unit? You can access your boat early in the morning before it is used, and put it back when you are done. This really helps to fee up some space at your home.

Secure Self Storage Southern Suburbs

Secure Self Storage Southern Suburbs